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Facebook: Servicefriend is alpha enabler of the new chat plugin for Messenger

Customers can seamlessly continue conversations across businesses' websites and Messenger
November 30, 2017

Gartner: Servicefriend a market leader in virtual customer assistant for 2017

Using conversational artificial intelligence applications and platforms to optimize customer engagement is one of the biggest trends in customer experience. Application leaders supporting CRM and CX should use this guide to understand this evolving market and to make informed decisions.
December 7, 2017

Adore Me in Partnership with Servicefriend Among First Brands to Use Messenger Customer Chat

As Facebook Messenger revealed this afternoon, Adore Me is among the first brands to adopt a breakthrough in customer experience within the world of e-commerce by implementing customer chat.
November 8, 2017

Facebook: first case study of Hybrid Bot by Servicefriend led to 10% reduction in operational cost and 22% increase in CSAT

By using a hybrid bot for Messenger from Servicefriend to provide meaningful and efficient customer service, the telecom company successfully increased employee productivity by 3.5X and reduced calls to its hotline by 50%.

Servicefriend בין הסטאראטפים הישראלים המבטיחים בעולם לשנת 2017

חברת המחקר גרטנר פירסמה את רשימת Cool Vendors, שבה מדורגים הסטארט־אפים המבטיחים בעולם לרשימה יכולת ניבוי מוכחת: בעבר הופיעו בה ווייז ומובילאיי ■ מנכ"לית גרטנר ישראל: "הרף המקצועי עלה - אך החברות הישראליות עדיין נכנסו לדירוג העולמי"
June 12, 2017

Bankless Times: Servicefriend creating a better customer experience with hybrid bot model. Interview with Servicefriend Co-Founder, Ido Arad

Servicefriend has developed hybrid bot technology that allows companies to provide a consistent messaging experience at scale, cofounder and CMO Ido Arad said.
June 26, 2017

Servicefriend Announced the General Availability of Two New Products to Help Brands Provide Consistent Messaging Experience at Massive Scale

The main challenge facing large enterprises adopting messaging is that, until now, there was no way to ensure a consistently excellent experience at scale.
April 27, 2017

VentureBeat: Shahar Ben Ami, CEO of Servicefriend about The multiple stages of chatbot maturity

Having a Siri-like bot for your business will be less and less impressive as time goes on. Leading brands are now investing in bots to solve real customer issues rather than offering simple answers. Building a conversational bot is a challenge, but it is the right thing to do. We are on the verge of a new era in user experience, and you cannot afford to replicate the tedious IVR experience into your bot. You just can’t!
November 15, 2016

Gartner: Servicefriend Designated as a Gartner 2017 Cool Vendor in CRM Customer Service and Support

Servicefriend, the pioneer of Hybrid Bot Solutions, has been selected today by Gartner as a Cool Vendor in the May 2017 "Cool Vendors in CRM Customer Service and Support, 2017."
June 6, 2017

Facebook: once you’re on messenger the challenge becomes to scale and for that the secret weapon is automation. Servicefriend is featured at the F8, Facebook annual conference

Messenger connects over 1.2 billion people around the world. For marketers and bot builders, this session presents best practices and tips for engaging your audience with Messenger, and leveraging the new capabilities of the platform.

Facebook Presents at F8 - Successful Hybrid Bot for Messenger, Created by Servicefriend

Mark Zuckerberg and other Facebook leaders talk about the future of artificial intelligence and virtual reality.

Facebook Presents at F8 - Successful Hybrid Bot for Messenger, Created by Servicefriend

Proving yet again that Messenger has become an exceptional way for businesses to communicate with customers; at F8, Servicefriend showcased a successful case study for a Hybrid Bot Architecture for customer service and used by Globe Telecom. An approach offering businesses the scalability of a bot with the comprehension and emotional intelligence of a human.
April 20, 2017

כרגע – נציג אנושי חייב לעזור לבוט בשירות הלקוחות האמונציונלי Interview with the CEO of Servicefriend, Shahar Ben Amir

בקרוב תוכלו לשלוח הודעה לחברה מסחרית ותוך שניה יענה לכם צ'אטבוט - תוכנת מחשב רובוטית שיודעת לנהל שיחה. הוא יענה על שאלותיכם, יקבע לכם תורים, יספר לכם על טיסות, יקשיב לתלונות, ישחרר את כרטיס האשראי מחסימה, יוריד לכם את המחיר וייעץ לכם במקום רופא. הוא גם יכול להפנות אתכם לנציג אנושי אם תבקשו, בתנאי שיישארו כאלה
May 27, 2017

Yahoo: The first sucess story of hybrid bot by Servicfriend

Servicefriend, the Leading Provider of Hybrid Bot Solutions for Digital Transformation, Announced the Release of World's 1st Success Story of a Hybrid Bot
March 22, 2017

Techcrunch: Servicefriend בקבוצת הסטארטאפים הנבחרים ב batch 7 של microsoft accelerator

Watch Microsoft Ventures Tel Aviv Accelerator Demo Days Right Here
February 4, 2016

Microsoft Ventures Accelerator TLV Batch #7 Demoday- Servicefriend

Microsoft: 13 החברות שהשתתפו במחזור השביעי נבחרו מתוך כ-350 חברות מישראל ומ-27 מדינות נוספות אשר הגישו מועמדותן, וביניהן חברות מארה"ב, בריטניה, סינגפור, ספרד, הודו, פקיסטן, גרמניה, שוויץ, דנמרק, מקסיקו, צרפת, טורקיה וסין. אחוזי גיוס ההון באקסלטור של מיקרוסופט ונצ'רס בישראל על הגבוהים בעולם.צפו בהרצאה של servicefriend בדמו day
February 9, 2016