Today, we’re excited to announce that Servicefriend was showcased by David Marcus for our successful

case study of Hybrid- Bot architecture for customer service used by Globe Telecom.

“The Hybrid Bot is proven as an excellent tool for businesses to ensure an optimal customer experience as they scale with Messenger. We are happy to see that Globe Telecomwitnessed rapid user adoption through their implementation of Gie, their

Hybrid Bot,” David Marcus, Vice President of Messenger.

We’re proud to release the world’s first case study of Hybrid Bot in customer service. What’s interesting in the Globe Telecom case study is not only that they managed to see a 50% reduction in calls to the hotline and expect a 10% cost savings within the first year, but also that it has been proven as a better experience from

the customer satisfaction viewpoint. The Hybrid Bot outperformed live agents by 22% in NPS!

With Servicefriend, Globe Telecom managed to enjoy the scalability of a bot with the comprehension andemotional intelligence ofa human.

Well, we can’t even tell how excited we are to continue revolutionizing customer service across messaging.



In the picture: Ido Arad, CMO and Co-Foudner, Servicefriend; David Marcus VP Messenger, Eldridge Tan, Globe Telecom