Public interest in Chatbots today is growing due to their potential to allow businesses to handle massive amounts of messages simultaneously. But when over 70% of the hundreds of thousands of Bots created are failing, we realized the community has overlooked a large piece of the puzzle to success.

Chatbots for customer service leave more to be desired

It is difficult to understand why businesses are content with sacrificing customer satisfaction in order to slightly increase their margins. Conversations that flow in a robotic sequence are lacking something tremendously important – the ability to connect on an emotional level!

When humans communicate they simultaneously convey facts as well as emotional expressions. With rigid, menu driven Bots, not only are people stripped of the ability to communicate emotions, but they are also sent the message that they are not important enough to have a human interact with them.

Building continuous communication for a highly rated customer experience  

Sympathetic, human-like features in a Bot environment are of the utmost importance when constructing a communication channel through which customers will have a positive experience. Connecting with customers on an emotional level creates a high level of trust with your customers and reaffirms their choice in doing business with you.

Transparency creates trust! A Hybrid Bot is a technology supported by real people.

Humanizing Customer Service Automation - Hybrid Bot asked if it is a bot or a real person

How do we create a Bot that customers are happy speaking with regularly?

Realistic expectations in today’s Bot ecosystem will lead you to the unfortunate conclusion that, no, a Bot cannot solve all your customer service inquiries. However! There is still a way to implement Bots into your workflow that increases efficiency while keeping that human-like connection alive.

Wish me luck on my exam!

Hybrid Bot wishes a customer luck on an exam

Chatbot to Human Customer Service Approach

Now don’t get confused by the companies telling you a Hybrid Bot approach is where a Bot starts the conversations with a few questions and then puts you on hold for a representative.

We’ve all dealt with this concept for YEARS by navigating through menus over the phone and who doesn’t press 0 to speak to an operator when presented the opportunity? And finally, now that you’ve pressed 0, you get to wait! This is clearly a broken and disintegrated system.

There is nothing innovative about this concept. It may save time from the business’ point of view, but it surely does not improve the customer experience who is now left staring at a message instead of sitting with a phone to their ear.

The Hybrid Bot Approach Excels in Customer Experience

The true Hybrid Bot approach allows Bots and Humans to work side by side, creating a seamless and wonderful experience for your customer. To create a consistent experience for your customers, the Bot must always be the main point of contact.

Every message will be sent and received through the Bot and there will always be a human in the loop to help with situations it is not yet able to handle. By allowing customers to communicate in natural language we produce the same feelings as when they are communicating with another human.

From a customer’s perspective it is much more pleasant knowing there is one point of contact to handle all their different inquiries. Never again will they find themselves being transferred from one department to another only to be forced to reiterate their issue again from the beginning again.

Paired together in this way, the Hybrid Bot creates a consistent persona that is relatable to various types of customers, while smart enough to know when inquiries need further personalization from a human representative.

Ask yourself, how can I create an experience that is human enough for a customer to ask my Hybrid Bot out on a date?

Hybrid Bot receives a Valentines Day date request


So what are you waiting for? Get started creating your very own Hybrid Bot Experience.