Full Stack Developer – Tel Aviv

Want to join an awesome engineering team, building an amazing platform in an exploding market? Want to enter a small, growing, startup where you can make a huge impact quickly? Want to grow your skills by being on the frontline of building, designing and scaling a web app used by millions of consumers already ? Want to work with modern software, tooling, and engineering practices? Servicefriend is looking to bring a Full Stack Software Engineer onto the team. We are growing fast, so if it’s a fit, you’ll be joining at a point where you’ll be able to make a significant impact on the company.

About the company

Servicefriend is the new way for enterprises to build meaningful experiences in messaging. The company provides scalable enterprise-grade solutions that enable customer engagement over the most popular messaging platforms. Our unique AI-hybrid model allows humans to quickly assist the artificial intelligence in situations that it is not sure how to handle. Human intervention is smoothly integrated into the flow, keeping it transparent to the customer, while ensuring massive scalability and providing a highly consistent brand experience for our clients.

Gartner recently selected us as a Leader in “Customer Care Automation.” Facebook showcased the company at the last F8 event as an example of an enterprise-grade Messenger application and among our clients you will already find some of the Fortune 500 companies.

About the position

  1. You will be entrusted to innovate, lead and constantly improve our solutions to deliver a platform and experience our customers love to use.
  2. You will be a key player and a dominant figure in shaping the culture and DNA in our growing startup.
  3. You will solve complex business and scalability problems and help define the direction of the product as well as work across the entire Servicefriend technology building back-end services, APIs and front-end web applications in JavaScript.
  4. You will be simultaneously scaling a demanding application while simplifying complex business processes for our users.
  5. You will Create architecture that shapes large parts of the business, and ship complex projects including many systems or major pieces of infrastructure.
  6. You will Play a very hands-on role, and as such, be a prolific contributor to both core projects at the company as well as side and experimental work.
  7. You will Reduce the complexity of a complex problem, process, or existing system in order to get more done with less work.
  8. You will Anticipate technical problems that will fall out of major products and design solutions to overcome those problems.
  9. You will Ship often and iterate quickly
  10. You’re passionate about how technology and AI can be leveraged to improve customer and brand experience. And you’re able to take yourself and appreciate all the work we just did.

We deeply value our engineering culture. We strongly emphasize trust, mentorship and collaboration. We care about building the right thing, the right way, and having fun while we do it. Every member of our team has the freedom and responsibility to make Servicefriend a great place to work.


  1. At least 2 years experience
  2. Emphasis on frontend development
  3. Required technologies:
    • Server-side languages – Python and NodeJS
    • Web fundamentals – JavaScript, HTML, and CSS
    • JavaScript frameworks – Angular 1
    • Front-end (CSS) frameworks – Bootstrap or MD-Goggle-CSS
    • Database technologies – MongoDB
    • Microservices technologies – Docker
    • Caching technologies – Redis
  4. Required skills:
    • Very high proficiency in English
    • Translation of designer mock-ups and wireframes into front-end code
    • RESTful API design and development (using JSON)
    • Solid foundation in data structures, algorithms, and system design
    • Knowledge and experience in multithreading development
    • Experience in working with micro-services
    • Ability to implement automated testing platforms and unit tests
    • Team player, possess high work ethics and a cool person
  5. Optional (holds an advantage):
    • NodeJS frameworks – Express.js or Socket.io
    • Web server technologies – Nginx and Flask (of Python)
    • Search engine – Elasticsearch
    • Experienced in cloud security and data protection (GDPR)

Send your CV and contact details, along with why you think you’ll be a great fit