Do you really want a live person to handle each and every message?

Here is the thing. Once a company like Nike (for example) allows you to reach out to them via WhatsApp. Nike is
expected to get X00,000 text messages a day already within the 1st month. Designed for extreme volume, our AI
technology cuts through the noise and computes context, priority and sentiment of every bubble (text) while
automating all the parts of the work a machine can grapple with on its own.

60% Less noise on your call-center

  • Compute intent, context and priority of every message
  • Provide first response, create context and automate parts a machine can grapple on its own
  • Use the right resource at the right time

ITROne main objective is to save for the support center the need to answer NOW 60% or more of the messages, without hurting customer experience.