Deployable Today


Decide to safeguard your brand

Don’t build a tedious IVR experience or a useless bot. Customers won’t adopt them. Build the bot your customers can really engage with.

Set up your ITROne (60 minutes)

With ITROne, you don’t need to code your intents or deal with complex NLP issues. Setting 100 intents with their corresponding conversations takes about 60 minutes. It’s that simple, and we offer this as a service free of charge.



Connect your desk (10 minutes)

If setting up ITROne was easy, setting up the desk for your agent is even easier. Servicefriend offers an async desk that was designed to support asynchronous messaging at high frequency. Nevertheless, we like freedom, and ITROne is designed so that you can easily set the connectivity to any desk.

Integrate your ITROne with your self-service (optional)

To bring automation to the next level, you need to educate ITROne about your available self-service functions. Let’s talk about it. This can be done later.



Introduce the new channel to your customers

With a few simple actions, messaging will quickly become your prominent customer-care channel, reducing call center costs and increasing the number of conversations. Long-lasting customer relationships are your goal. We would love to give you some ideas.