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Servicefriend = Hybrid Bot Experience (HBE)

Blurring the line between your Bot and real agents drives consistent and reliable Bot experiences, while allowing seamlessly automating more and more processes. Your Brand deserves its own SIRI!

When it’s difficult, customers call the call center. Don’t expect them to adopt unnatural language or learn how to operate your Bot. Don’t copy your IVR experience! Customers don’t ask questions. They tell a story and expect you (and your Bot) to understand and resolve it. “Naturally” means to start every conversation with an open question: “How can I help you?” and to use Servicefriend’s accurate NLU to understand customers’ intents. “Naturally” means a real conversational Bot.

Moving customer conversations beyond solving immediate concerns opens the door for brand loyalty and future upsell. Servicefriend AI takes Bot interactions to a whole new level, bringing the agent into the loop when further personalization and a human touch are required. Moving from Functional Driven Experience to Relationship Driven Experience requires HBE!

IVR Free Future

Having a stupid Bot for your business will be less and less impressive as time goes on. Leading brands are now investing in Bots to solve real customer issues rather than offering simple answers. We are on the verge of a new era in user experience and you cannot afford to replicate the tedious IVR experience into your Bot. You just can’t!

Improve NPS

Create memorable experiences for your customers, Drive conversations with customers beyond resolving complaints

Reduce Cost

Gain extraordinary efficiency. Cut Call Center response time while reducing costs. Your customers will adopt your Bot while you avoid using traditional expensive channels. Nurturing meaningful relationships helps you upsell and convert each customer at the perfect moment.

Create meaningful experiences in messaging using industry-specific AI

With millions of conversations analyzed, Servicefriend AI accommodates selected industries and provides unparalleled natural language understanding. Your brand benefits from day one with the extensive know-how, practices and high level of language accuracy, eliminating development efforts that may never be as accurate.

Servicefriend’s hybrid bot experience allows us to create wonderful experiences for our customers with greater efficiency and significant cost savings.
– Miggy Dela Cruz
Customer Experience Design, Globe Telecom

In less than six months and with no marketing, Servicefriend technology helped us deflect 15% of our call center traffic to messaging.
– Josef Baluka
SVP CSO, Partner Comm.

This is the second deployment I did with Servicefriend. What amazes me the most is how fast these guys are able to deploy an enterprise grade AI solution.
– Meir Aharoni
CIO Leumi Card