Servicefriend ensures unparalleled efficiency. Our experience shows that enterprises using Servicefriend needed to invest only 18.3 agent hours for every 1,000 interactions (about 6,500 incoming messages). This is about 70% more efficient than the best-of-breed traditional approaches, and is the lowest-cost way to guarantee a consistently outstanding experience for all customers all the time.

Success Story Building customer relationships with Messenger

By using a hybrid bot for Messenger from Servicefriend to provide meaningful and efficient customer service, the telecom company successfully increased employee productivity by 3.5X and reduced calls to its hotline by 50%.

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22%higher customer satisfaction rate than call center
3.5Xincrease in employee productivity
50% reduction in calls to the hotline for customers interacting with Gie

Putting customers first has always been our primary value. Messenger, integrated with Servicefriend’s hybrid bot technology, has helped us deliver wonderful customer experiences, more so than our other customer channels

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Ernest Cu, Chief Executive Officer, Globe Telecom