Servicefriend is the new way for digital transformation. The company was established with the mission to let people communicate with businesses as they do with their friends. Servicefriend provides hybrid bot technology for consistent messaging experience at massive scale. The breakthrough is Servicefriend’s Hybrid Bot Architecture – an approach that offers enterprises the scalability of a bot with the intelligence, comprehension, and empathy of a human.

In all the current solutions in the market, bots transfer the session to a live person when they cannot handle a situation, creating a disintegrated, expensive and slow experience. With Servicefriend, the bot is always the front end, and every conversation receives the same branded, consistent and cohesive experience – the Hybrid Bot Experience.

Servicefriend has already been deployed by several leading enterprises around the world. The results of these deployments have confirmed the groundbreaking nature of Servicefriend’s technology. No other company has managed to demonstrate such high performance and such a seamless orchestration of human and AI resources.

Consumers deserve better. We are here to change the traditional, rigid, IVR experience and help companies build trust and lasting relationships with their customers. We are revolutionizing the industry with our Hybrid Bot Experience which keeps the balance between round-the-clock customer care bots, powered by a human touch to solve more complex issues and assist the Bot. Our solutions are based on industry-specific natural language understanding and AI that learns from agents on the fly.

We at Servicefriend are technology geeks, come from Customer Experience and Customer Service backgrounds who heavily believe  that some conceptions in the customer service world must change. In each industry we work closely with our design partners to build the Bot that can transform the space and help other companies develop their own Bot, and quickly.

Our Leadership Team