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Finally, you can allow your customers to communicate with your brand as they do with their friends! With Servicefriend, a new hybrid (human/AI) persona is always the front-end to take care of your WhatsApp requests, and every conversation receives the same branded, consistent and cohesive experience – the Hybrid AI Experience. Don’t kill your new WhatsApp channel with an IVR-like experience

25% of enterprise overall traffic will be handled on WhatsApp by 2020*

Gartner, 2018

With 1.5 billion global users, the potential of WhatsApp for businesses is well understood by now: consumers want great support whenever they wish over WhatsApp, their preferred, day-to-day communication channel. Our new WhatsApp integration enhances the power of Servicefriend to drive digital transformation faster than ever.

While omnichannel projects are often extremely expensive and provide questionable ROI, digital transformation through messaging results in an immediate impact on the brand’s NPS, CSAT and OpEx KPIs. Messaging enables brands to provide great experiences in a way that is 70% more efficient than traditional voice or web channels.

Hybrid Experience
for WhatsApp at Scale


Servicefriend’s architecture enableshumans to quickly assist the bot in handling situations that it does not yet know how to handle. Humans are tightly integrated into the process flow, which is transparent to the user. The user does not know which messages were generated with human assistance. The result is a natural and conversational experience. In fact, in some cases, the bot’s persona outperforms live agents in terms of customer satisfaction by over 20%.

NLP Out Of
The Box

Servicefriend takes 100% of the NLP risk on itself. Enterprises don’t need to cope with complex NLP and data science issues that take years to solve. Servicefriend comes with a JumpStart for selected industries, where specific vertical industry know-how is already packaged into the Servicefriend software. The result dramatically reduces time-to-value.


Enterprises using Servicefriend needed to invest only 18.3 agent hours for every 1,000 interactions (about 6,500 incoming messages). This is about 70% more efficient than the best-of-breed traditional approaches and is the lowest-cost approach to guarantee a consistently outstanding experience for all customers all the time.

Whatsapp is the World's Most
Powerful Business Messaging Tool:


End-to-End encryption. WhatsApp is poised to be the world’s most powerful business messaging channel. But WhatsApp’s commitment to security means connecting to its new Business API is more burdensome than any other messaging channel.

Reliable and trustworthy

WhatsApp is not planning to become another advertising platform. WhatsApp is introducing strict opt-in requirements and plans to use the API to send high-value notifications only, Unlike other messaging platform such as Facebook Messenger or SMS.


With over 1.5 Billion users and 55 billion messages sent daily, Whatsapp is the largest and the greatest opportunity to deliver seamless customer service experiences as well as strengthen your brands’ bond and loyalty with consumers.