Why Servicefriend - The advantages of Hybrid Bot Architecture:

Consistent, scalable customer experience

Servicefriend’s architecture allows humans to quickly assist the bot in handling situations that it doesn’t yet know how to handle. Human are tightly integrated into the process flow, which is transparent to the user. The user does not know which messages are were generated with some human assistance. The result is a natural and conversational experience. In fact, in some cases, the bot’s persona outperforms live agents in terms of customer satisfaction by over 20%.

The breakthrough is Servicefriend’s Hybrid Bot Architecture – an approach that offers the enterprise the scalability of a bot with the intelligence, comprehension, and empathy of a human. With Servicefriend, the bot is always the front end, and every conversation receives the same branded, consistent and cohesive experience – the Hybrid Bot Experience.

Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)

The more prevalent your self-service functions, the greater the ITROne success in saving. Nevertheless, many of our customers decide to start using the solution without any initial integration.

Enterprise Application Integration is a serious matter and the area where most enterprise project fail. We invested a lot in having a 100% open architecture. In this way we decided to separate ITROne from the Desk. We are so serous and committed to open standards, that you can basically integrate any module of the solution with your own applications.

Servicefriend already contains a built-in ID&V (Identification and Verification) process, a built-in connector for all the common CRM systems, a built-in connector for the common user management systems (LDAP/Kerberos), and a built-in connector to common messaging gateways. With Servicefriend, all you need to do is to configure the corresponding JSONs to connect Servicefriend to your real world.

OOB Integration with: Salesforce, Zendesk, Oracle, Amdocs

Servicefriend offers an amazing async desk that we designed with a couple of design partners to support async responses at high frequency. You will not get the same output if your agents use the traditional 1:1 or 1:4 desk.

Nevertheless, we like freedom, and we can, of course, go with your preferred desk, be it Salesforce, Zendesk, Oracle, Amdocs or even something you develop on your own. In the DESK FOLDER of your ITROne, you can set the connectivity to your desk.

Servicefriend solves NLP challenges out of the box

Servicefriend takes 100% of the NLP risk on itself. This means that enterprises don’t need to cope with complex NLP and data science issues that take years to solve. Servicefriend comes with a JumpStart for selected industries, where specific vertical industry know-how is already packaged into the Servicefriend software. The result is a faster time-to- value for you.

Platform agnostic & future proof

With Servicefriend, you don’t need to deal with the different specifications of each messaging platform. Non-technical users can compose complex flows in minutes. More technical personnel (no need to be a programmer) can enhance the flow with a set of JSONs we prepared for you.

We decided to adopt the Messenger standard for our APIs so you can be rest assured that your flow will work perfectly on every platform to which you decide to connect: SMS, Messenger, WeChat, Line, Viber, Web Chat, or even your In-App chat.

Enterprise-grade Security

Privacy and security is in our DNA, and we know, for a fact that no system on earth is 100% safe from professional hackers. That’s why we decided to wipe off from our databases any numbers and name entities. We found that we don’t really need them to perform our job. That means that the data is “useless” for any purpose other than the purpose for which it was created.

In addition, Servicefriend implemented enterprise-class security features with comprehensive audits for all our applications. And our customers, including some persnickety financial services folks, rest easy knowing their businesses are protected.

Monitoring & Control

No enterprise software is complete without proper Monitoring and Control. Our AMC architecture has two level of reporting: Operational and Business. At the operational level, some of our clients connected Servicefriend to their end-to- end ITSM framework. At the business level, we provide 20+ real-time views and reports and our clients easily add more and more, using one of the standard BI tools.